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Reduce Hair Fat

Natural Tips to Reduce Hair Fat

Do you have greasy hair and do not know very well how to avoid it? With these two natural remedies, you will reduce the fat in your hair more easily. Let’s find out.

There are many people, both men, and women, who have greasy hair. It is an excess of sebum that makes the scalp look careless, despite being clean and cared for. We must know its causes to determine what advice to apply on the scalp in order to eliminate it. In fact, when we talk about hair or greasy hair, we must refer mainly to the existence of a hair with oily appearance and texture, which can contribute to the production of dandruff on the scalp and acne, in addition to being dirty and without Health. Continue reading

Early diagnosis of autism: Possible target

Children with high likelihood of behavioral autistic disorders since the early months of life are crying and move differently than children who are not exposed to this risk.

This is what reveal the first results of a study coordinated by the Institute of Health

The researchers monitored 100 infants – 50 deemed at risk because with a brother or sister with autism, and not at risk newborns – on the basis of three parameters: crying, spontaneous movement and response to external stimuli. Continue reading