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 The ideal food to run better

How many times we decided to go to the gym and at the time we get almost prepare for practice then we run away. Even to play our favorite sport we often feel tired, and we find no explanation for that feeling of heaviness and lack of appetite. The answer is likely related to the type of food you eat, a key factor for your performance, as research shows some foods can reduce energy levels of your body. Continue reading

Start Your Day Doing Exercises

Exercising at any time of the day helps you lead a healthy lifestyle. However, numerous studies agree that exercising in the morning is the best way to start the day. Here are 5 reasons why exercising very early in the morning is best:

Improves work performance

We know that doing exercises helps reduce stress levels. When you start your day doing exercises, you are better focused, more energized and much more ready to face any difficulty you encounter in the day. It has been proven that workers have to increase their productivity and handle more complex tasks successfully when their day begins with an exercise routine.

Stimulates Metabolism

Exercising generates an increase in metabolism, which causes the body to burn calories more quickly and more efficiently. In addition, people who exercise in the morning tend to choose healthier foods throughout the day.

You sleep better

Several studies agree that people who exercise in the morning have a better quality of sleep than those who exercise at night. Sleeping is essential to relax and overcome stress, being on the move in the early hours of the day allows the evenings to be relaxed.

It motivates you to exercise more

The main reason for not exercising is usually, “I do not have time to do it.” Doing exercises in the morning helps to create a routine around body care and health, which would not be possible if done around the day with constant interruptions.

Makes you happier

 One of the best reasons to do exercises is that it helps you reduce stress by releasing endorphins, which improves your mood and decreases pain levels. Continue reading

The secret world of clinical trials

In a world of constantly evolving medicine, clinical trials are an essential part of progress. These trials are done on humans after a period of animal testing, and the people that volunteer for the trials entrust that they can assist in progress. If the trial for a new cancer drug is available, patients volunteer themselves in the hope that they can have their recovery assisted as well as assist in medical advancement.


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We don’t see much in the news about clinical trials and clinical trial assistants are always being recruited to help in blind trials and helping volunteers through. There currently is not a law in the UK that insists a clinical trials company publishes trial results and this may be another thing changing about medical evolution.

Campaign 4 change

There is an EU Directive that may be enforced in 2017 or 2018 which will change the current legislation. If the UK remains a part of the EU, this directive will be enforced. Campaigners who have believed for a long time that withholding clinical trial results violates the trust of its participants will be pleased with this news.

According to an article published by the World Health Organisation, there has been a call for increased transparency in medical research, particularly clinical trials. They feel the people need to know what trials are happening, when they happen and the outcome of the trials. They believe that the failure to tell the public the results of clinical trials ensures misinformation. The clinical trial assistants on each trial witness everything from research and development and when recruited should keep the information of clinical trials private.

Privacy changes medicine

Sometimes it is easy to wonder whether clinical trials companies have their own priorities and business image to protect by keeping a clinical trial and its results secret. Companies such as recruit research assistants to help with clinical trials and there is extensive non-disclosure agreements that must be signed first before working.

We are all very aware of the Data Protection Act and what privacy means for patients. There is a line to draw as to whether it would be in the public interest to hear about the result of clinical trials whether successful or not. If it is not in the interest of the public, then companies prefer not to publish results.

Combat anxiety with the active life

Anxiety is a frequent disorder in today’s society, yet not always the cause is psychological: the vital energy could be hampered by a sedentary lifestyle.

Diabetes, obesity, overweight. So far, these were the pathologies considered a direct consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, and these now adds another disorder: anxiety.

Because a sedentary lifestyle causes anxiety? Researchers from the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research at Deakin University, Australia, led by Megan Teychenne conducted nine studies to verify how and how much a little or no physical activity able to affect the health of the mind over the body. It was found that spending all his free time watching TV, playing video games and eating snacks staying on the couch are deleterious behaviors for body and mind. The reason may lie in excessive stimulation of the nervous system, committed too many hours in front of a screen, the important causes difficulty sleeping well, generating thus a state of restlessness and anxiety. Continue reading

Provillus Reviews

The Provillus reviews I have read all point towards successful hair growth and a fresh look. Going bald especially prematurely is a development that gets most people off guard and hence requires a little getting used to. Sometimes you never come close to getting used to it and therefore you may find yourself becoming too self-conscious. In fact, some people take hair loss so badly that it affects their self-esteem. Continue reading

Lash Review

Idol Lash Review

Idol lash is a serum that you apply to your eyelashes when you want to enhance their growth. It actually makes them grow thicker and healthier looking. Also any Idol Lash review will tell you that it does not stop you from using any of the other eye products you are used to like mascara or eyeliner. You only need to begin with it so that it can penetrate the hair follicles effectively. Continue reading

The Battle Between Garcinia Cambogia And African Mango

Today, with many weight loss options, the GarciniaCambogia Extract and the African Mango supplement has grabbed the attention of many users worldwide and the media with its enthusiastic reviews. They have also both been the attraction of popular health shows on television. Experts have claimed that both ‘wonder’ fruits are beneficial for losing weight yet completely safe. Now, a question arises: which supplement is most effective for weight loss? Continue reading

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies and Their Benefits

Nature is a gift. It has been with us from the beginning of time and many people consider it to be the most important element in our lives. This is of course true, since without oxygen or the benefits of several natural remedies, our health would suffer considerably. Fortunately, natural medicine is the best alternative for those who wish to enhance their health and strengthen their immune system using remedies that have fewer side effects than traditional medicine. Continue reading