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Consequences of tobacco on the skin

Everyone talks about how bad tobacco is because it is directly related to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, such as myocardial infarction, lung and throat cancer, but few people associate tobacco with the skin and the dermatological problems it involves For the smoker and for the passive smoker. Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tips for Better Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), colloquially known as irritable bowel syndrome, is the most common gastrointestinal functional disorder, and perhaps one of the most frequent reasons for consultation. Statistics indicate that about 3% of primary care consultations and 16-25% of consultations in gastroenterology are due to this problem. Prevalence too high and it is the women who suffer the most. Continue reading

Back Pain Relieving

Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Do you have continuous back pain? Do not worry; these Tips give you relief and will end up your back pain problems. When we were young, we did not pay much attention to the moment of making crazy, nor did we worry about our habits. Therefore, because we mistakenly think that youth will be eternal, unfortunately, things are not that way. We all get age, and just as an apparatus or equipment that has several years running tends to fail because something similar happens to us. Continue reading

Basic Facial Care for Men

Basic Facial Care for Men

Who said that men do not take care of their skin? While it is true that a few years ago was regarded as something feminine but today both sexes are aware of keeping their skin free from pollution and for that they both having a healthy skin care program to maintain a good skin protection. Most of the time basic reason to enhance our beauty is to show physical attractiveness. This time you cannot avoid taking care the beauty of a man.

So, now most of the men also pamper and spend sometimes from a day to their particular beauty routine. Continue reading

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid: for what and how is it used?

The hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in our bodies, as part of numerous tissues and organs of our body as cartilage or skin itself. As we age, the presence of this substance decreases considerably and that is why it has become one of the main ingredients in cosmetics today. Hyaluronic acid is a linear polysaccharide consisting of alternating units of Glucuronic Acid and N-Acetylglucosamine (100 to 50,000 units). Continue reading

Your skin will charge you! Find out here what you are doing wrong

Your face and your skin may be the most important things for you to take care of them in your busy life. And the truth is, if you do not take care of it from the beginning, it will give you the bill over the years.

Don’t wait till you see any wrinkles or any blemishes or blemishes to be appearing before you start caring. The best thing is to protect your skin from an early age, starting with some basic things that eventually your skin will thank you and later on you don’t have to spend thousands of beauty products or processes.

Look below these basic tips will help you to take care of your skin and the best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to carry them out: Continue reading

Diabetes and Weight Loss: 4 Tips to Help You Succeed

If someone told you that you had to take medicine every day for the rest of your life, just to stay healthy, you wouldn’t want to do that. After all, no one wishes to be a slave to medicine and pills. But, if you have diabetes you need to ensure that you are managing and controlling your illness using drugs.

Or do you?

New research has suggested that a proper diet and weight loss regime is the key to ditching the drugs. You can ensure that you don’t have to rely on medicine in the face of diabetes. Continue reading

Schizophrenia Causess

A reliable cause or sets of causes for schizophrenia have not yet been identified, but current research suggests that the disease is the result of a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. In other words, schizophrenia can occur due to the combination of inherited and acquired brain vulnerabilities as well as stressful life-events. Continue reading

Electrical stimulation to enhance memory

By the late eighteenth century, the Italian doctor Luigi Galvani (1738-1798) proved the electrical nature of nerve impulses. And he did the experiment that most remember having heard at school: by a small electric current applied to the spinal cord of a dead frog, Galvani, succeeded his legs, even separated from the body, took as if the animal were alive. You may also like to visit

That same experiment came to realize with corpses. So he concluded that the electricity needed to achieve these movements did not come from outside but was generated inside the living organism itself, which, once dead, retained the ability to drive the momentum and react to it accordingly. Continue reading

The vegetarian gene that protects the brain and heart

The brain and nervous system are high in two fatty acids long-chain polyunsaturated: arachidonic acid (omega-6) and docosahexaenoic acid (omega-3, DHA). Food of animal origin, especially oily fish, is the main source of these important for the body in general and for the brain fatty acids. When the supply is scarce, these essential compounds must be synthesized metabolically from plant precursors. According to a study by Cornell University, the physiological demand of arachidonic acid and omega-3 EPA and DHA, in countries where the diet is mainly vegetarian is probably favored a gene that helps a much more efficient synthesis of these key metabolites. To read more interesting topic like this you can also visit Continue reading