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Follow these steps to help keep your child safe

You can’t always be around to keep your children safe, but you can teach them ways to look after themselves.

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Ban personalised items

If a stranger seems to know a child’s name, then the child is far more likely to think that they can trust them, so get rid of named lunchboxes, personalised bags and anything else that will give their identity away.

Have a code word

Have a code word that only you, trusted family and friends and your children know. They can then use this to check if someone really should be picking them up from school or to alert you to them feeling uncomfortable, if they phone you from a neighbour’s house, for example, even if that person has undergone a basic DBS check.

No body secrets

Make it a rule that children never keep secrets about body parts, even if they’ve been told to by somebody else. They should know to tell you immediately if someone has touched or spoken about parts of their body and have told them not to share their ‘secret’ with anyone else.

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Escape tips

Teach your children that if they think they are being followed by someone in a car, they should turn and run off in the opposite direction, meaning that the car will probably have to turn around before it can carry on in pursuit.

You should also ensure that they fully understand the concept of stranger danger and know that strangers don’t have to look ‘scruffy’ or ‘weird’ and could even be someone who passed a basic DBS check with flying colours. More tips on staying safe can be obtained on the NSPCC website at

Find a mum

Teach them to turn to a mother with children for help. Obviously, there is no guarantee that every mum is going to be suitable, but the odds are fairly good, even if she hasn’t been the subject of a basic DBS check.

Raise the alarm

Tell your children to make people around them aware that they are in danger by shouting out previously-discussed words and phrases like ‘help, leave me alone’ or ‘who are you?’.

Fight back

Make sure that your children know that they don’t need to remember their manners or do as they’re told if they feel in danger, even when dealing with an adult.

How to encourage your child to maintain good oral hygiene

Children are often reluctant to brush their teeth, but oral hygiene is such an important issue that you need to teach them how to care for their teeth from an early age.

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Start as soon as your baby’s teeth appear

Wipe new baby teeth gently with a piece of damp gauze or soft cloth after feeds. This will familiarise your little one with the idea that teeth need cleaning and make it easier to introduce a toothbrush later. Let children watch you and other family members flossing and brushing your teeth.

Make it fun

Special toothbrushes with your child’s favourite cartoon character can encourage them to brush their teeth. You can also get musical brushes or those that light up. Try letting your child choose his own toothbrush at the chemist or supermarket. One Dublin dentist has even composed a special teeth-cleaning song for children.

Choose pleasant-tasting toothpaste

Although considerations such as the amount of fluoride and cost are important, if your child does not like the taste of a toothpaste, he will be reluctant to brush his teeth. Choose a toothpaste that your child likes.

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Meet the dentist

Familiarising your children with the dentist early can mean that they are more cooperative later on. When you visit a practice such as for a check-up, take your children so they can see it is not scary.

Teaching children how to brush their teeth at their early age may make cosmetic dentistry very easy and natural.


Between the ages of around two to five, the teeth begin to close together; this is when you need to introduce flossing. Coloured flossers are more attractive to children than conventional floss.

The right diet

Many parents give their children snacks that they believe to be healthy throughout the day, but these can be responsible for tooth decay. According to the Express, fruit juices, dried fruit and yoghurts that are often seen as healthy snacks can cause tooth decay. It is how often the teeth are exposed to sugary food that poses a problem. Plain water and milk are better than juice, and snacks such as cheese and crunchy raw vegetables like carrot sticks are preferable.

Positive reinforcement

A rewards chart can motivate your children to brush their teeth. These can be downloaded from the internet and printed so they can record each time they brush their teeth and earn rewards at the end of the week.

Which Plastic Surgeon Is the Best?

Plastic surgery is truly an amazing thing. This type of surgery has the ability to remove unsightly scars and give women the shape they have always wanted. Plastic surgery can also remove stretch marks, moles, birthmarks and many other things to improve your appearance and confidence. There are many plastic surgeons in most cities. Now it will be up to you to take the next step and make an appointment with several plastic surgeons. Have them evaluate your problem and recommend the procedures you should have performed. Here are a few of the best methods of finding a terrific plastic surgeon.

1. Check sites that give reviews of plastic surgeons.

Review websites are a great way to see if a plastic surgeon really has a good track record or not. You would be smart to read as many reviews as possible in order for you to find out if a plastic surgeon is really very skilled. Stay away from the plastic surgeons who have many negative reviews written about them. There must be something wrong with a dentist if he gets an abundance of bad reviews.

2. Ask your friends and family members if they have ever got any plastic surgery performed.

You might need to find a facility that specializes in cosmetic surgery North Carolina. Therefore, this selection process can be a very tough one to go through. You would be wise to ask all of your friends and family members to find out if they ever had any plastic surgery performed. If they have, find out the specific nature of the procedure. What was the name of the surgeon they used?

3. Does the plastic surgeon charge a lot?

Surgical procedures will have varying prices associated with them. Some will cost much more money than others. You need to talk to many plastic surgeons to find out how much each one charges for their services. What types of insurance coverage does each dentist take? Some dental procedures are not covered by insurance because they are cosmetic. Therefore, it would be a very good idea to contact your insurance provider to find out exactly which types of dental procedures they will be willing to pay for. You can then figure out the financial burden that you will be expected to pay. Always remember that the cheapest plastic surgeon is not necessarily the best.

Lasagne five ways… and none of them include mince

A perfect summer’s day lunch or the ultimate comfort food for a cold winter’s evening; it is one of our favourite classic dishes.

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This wide, flat-shaped pasta is one of the oldest types and originated in Italy during the Middle Ages, with the first recorded lasagne recipe recorded in the 14th Century. The word ‘lasagne’ has an ancient origin, and comes from the Greek word laganon, meaning strips of flat pasta dough sheets.

So how has lasagne remained such a popular dish for so long? The pasta sheet, gooey cheese, distinctive sauce and meat is a delicious combination that is easy to make and can be extremely versatile.

To create truly tasty Italian dishes ensure you use the best ingredients and cookware.

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A dish that is constantly reinvented and reimagined with new ingredient combinations, why not reject meat in favour of colourful combinations of vegetables or salmon as a seafood alternative? There are plenty of online food recipes such as those found at

Here are five delectable variations on lasagne… and none include mince!

1 Lasagne with sage bechamel and pumpkin

Sacrificing meat does not mean sacrificing flavour, and this combination is proof! A delightful seasonal recipe of pumpkin and Swiss chard with a sage cream sauce and a blend of parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. This dish makes a dazzling entrée at a dinner party.

2 Salmon and parmesan roll-up lasagne

Although a controversial combination, the pairing of cheese and fish can be incredibly tasty.

3 Parmesan chicken lasagne

Chicken is the perfect alternative to minced meat for a lasagne dish. A lighter option full of protein, a parmesan chicken lasagne oven baked with garlic is a stunning dinner dish. Make a garlic butter creamy sauce instead of béchamel and include peas for a truly tasty lasagne.

4 Lasagne soup

When you crave the comfort of lasagne on a winter evening, try making a warming soup with tomato, sausage, lasagne noodles and cheese. Perfect for any cold day, this dish requires one pot, perfect for a simple mid-week dinner.

5 Roasted vegetable lasagne

Take the opportunity to add extra vegetables into mealtimes and create a healthier lasagne dish with roasted vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes and peas. Add peppers and tomatoes for a tasty and colourful lasagne dish.

Sizzurp is the cough syrup drug that brings new anticipation among the teenager

Purple drink which contained an addictive element like codeine has become the second most consumed drug in the United States. We all know about Justin Bieber’s addiction to this highly consumed sizzurp, a home based drink prepared with ingredients like cough syrup, soda, and sweet candy was unveiled after the police have investigated the record in his residence in California. Like this Canadian star singer, millions of other young kids are also being exposed to falling into the drug networks by this fun type drug. In fact, Justin Bieber has decorated his skating rink with the help of graffiti. In which he was able to read double cup, a designating glass of sizzurp drinks with the usual codeine.

This drink is also known by the name of purple drank or lean drink that has the main ingredients codeine and promethazine from the cough syrup and mixed with some soft drinks such as sprite or mountain dew and with sweets candies like Jolly Rancher to give it its characteristic value of purple looks.

More Here: Purple Drank Sizzurp

The Ministry of Health department has already published a survey report in which they said that one of the key components for making this as an addictive new fashionable drug is cough syrups and it’s getting very popular among the young kids rapidly due to its easy accessibility.

Some medicines agency has already demanded to stop selling them without a prescription in the United States. Now they do not contain codeine, but they contain dextromethorphan, which is also an effective substance to take as an addictive drug among the teenage consumers. Recently the US Drug Enforcement Administration has estimated that 1 out of 10 teenagers have begun to uses cough medicine syrup as an alternate drug substance because of easy accessibility and their low price. Most of the pharmacies sell this cough syrup over the counter (many of the syrups don’t require any prescription) as a frequent home kits medication.

Purple drank has a component named Dextromethorphan or DXM which is known as the brother of heroin and this component directly come from cough syrups. They are sold in all pharmacies without any prescription and price is as low as less than 5 bucks. So if the dose required only 15 ml which is a recommended, they don’t care to take 360 (especially young kids). The worse part of it is they often mix this liquid with some alcohol. It’s better to know that soluble product in ethanol component can easily produce an initial state of hallucinations, euphoria, losing the sense of orientation and drive through unconsciousness.

It’s the time to aware and informed others about the serious health consequence of it. More on

5 natural mood enhancing herbs!

There are several effective natural mood enhancing herbs. It is usually necessary to take the mood enhancing herbs daily for several weeks. There is already a continuation to this list, in which we introduce you 5 more natural mood enhancing herbs!

The herbs improve when they work, the general mood. Many plants give you additional energy and alertness, which can be used for the successful mastering of your everyday life. It is, however, always advisable to consult a doctor or psychologist if you have persistent stress or a suspicion of it!

1) Cocoa / Cacao ( Theobroma cacao )

The cocoa called fruits of the cocoa tree are the raw materials for the very popular cocoa drinks and also for the chocolate. In the cocoa there are various active ingredients, but above all theobromine (1-2.5%) and caffeine (0.2%) similar to the cola nut. But that is not all! In the cocoa are anandamides, which are similar to indogeneous (i.e. in the human body) cannabinoids similar substances!

Cannabinoids are known for mood-enhancing, antidepressant effects. Furthermore, in the cocoa is a lot of tryptophan, an important precursor for serotonin production. Serotonin plays an extremely important role in the body for various processes, including for the feeling of happiness.

2) Curcuma / Curcuma (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric is a plant related to ginger, which is also used as a spice plant and colorant. It contains, among other things, the curcumin responsible for the color of the curative root, which, like the other dyes, has very many different healing effects.

Among other things, turmeric acts anticarcinogen (anticancer), antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also appears to have an effect on the bones. And the antidepressant effects are even scientifically proven! It is a tonic, that is, turmeric must be taken one to three times a day. The effects are felt after a few weeks.

3) Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Kratom is very different in its mode of action; Kratom experience is sedative, euphoric and / or stimulant. The addictive potential is not as high as with pharmaceutical opioids, but daily consumption over months has a physical dependency including withdrawal!

Kratom is a very effective remedy for mood enhancing. It is highly antidepressant and you can forget your worries about the duration of the effect. In order not to become dependent on Kratom should be consumed a maximum of once a week!

4) Melissa / Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

The melissa is a soothing, fear-relieving plant. It is therefore very good in anxiety states and sleeping problems! Very effective is a combination of balm and other similarly acting herbs. A combination of balm, valerian and hops is often used as a sedative and sleeping agent.If you want to achieve an anxious, antidepressant effect, combine melissa and lavender!

You can eat the lemon balm in a tea, which is very good, as it is very tasty. Alternatively, there are also a lot of ready-made preparations that contain melissa extract (and often also other plants) and are usually sold in the form of capsules. From around the balm to feel a proper action must also occupy a longer period of about two to three weeks daily.

5) Genuine Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

As mentioned above, the lavender is often contained in combination preparations with melissa, hops or valerian. This medicinal plant also has a soothing, anxiety-relieving effect and is very positive for depression!

Even the smell of lavender can produce a light-lightening, anxiety-dissolving effect, but especially the drinking of a lavender tea or the ingestion of lavender oil / lavender extract has scientifically proved some very pleasant ices. Also the lavender must be taken daily over a longer period.

The best wines to pair with seafood

Forget the old-school etiquette that dictated red wine for meat and white wine for fish was the first and only rule when choosing a wine to enjoy with a meal. Although it is true that many whites, which are by their nature lighter than other wines, complement seafood very well, there are plenty of other wines that can be an equally good match for particular dishes.

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The main secret to matching wine and seafood

With a world full of red, white, pink and sparkling wine, why narrow your options when serving seafood? Matching a wine and a seafood dish depends on two things: how the dish is cooked and what it is cooked with. Basically, try to match whites with delicate dishes and reds with more robust plates.

Spice is nice

Any kind of spicy seafood rice dish, such as paella, pairs perfectly with a dry Spanish red rioja or a non-fruity rose wine; on the other hand, prawn curries go better with a riesling.

Pasta-based dishes

Seafood with a creamy or tomato-based sauce is best with a crisper dry white, such as frascati, or even a dry rosé. If you choose a very heavy cream-based or butter-based sauce, a chardonnay would be the wisest match.

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Plain-ish prawns

Virgin prawns served in the shell or in simple salads benefit most from simplicity and are best enjoyed with a glass of prosecco or any Italian white, such as a sancerre or pinot grigio. Adding spicy or tangy dressings calls for something bolder, such as a sauvignon. Moving further away from simplicity and into the realms of prawn cocktails opens the door to fruity rosés and dry rieslings, which are both great matches.

Sourcing the right wines

The most convenient way to order wine is via online wine merchants in Northern Ireland or elsewhere. Companies such as provide a reliable and convenient service, making it easy to choose the best wine for your dish.

The ‘rules’ about wine and food are now much more relaxed – it really is about getting the most out of a dish and enjoying the wine you choose to enjoy with it. From oysters and champagne to seafood stew with a hearty red, raise a glass, tuck in, and delight in the resulting food-wine combinations.

Feel Better With These Effective Solutions To Help Your Arthritis

Do you struggle with arthritis, either your own or someone you care about? Are you looking for treatment options? The following tips and advice are to teach you about arthritis and some of the ways to deal with the symptoms of the disease.

Don’t make any additions or subtractions to your medicine before checking with your doctor to make sure it’s safe. Many medications need extra time to be effective, and cutting them short will remove any benefits. Other medications can cause negative issues if you stop taking them without weaning.

It may seem hard sometimes, but you need to get regular exercise to properly manage your arthritis. If you don’t exercise the joints, they will become fatigued, and that will worsen your condition. You can also make sure to maintain as much range in your movements as possible by working on your flexibility every day.

Stop yourself from developing arthritis as early as possible. One way to prevent the onset of arthritis is to use good typing habits. Your hands need to be level with the keyboard at all times, and there should be an elevated pad underneath your mouse. This will ensure you do not have issues with your hands later on and also reduce any strain you place on them now.

The best way to deal with arthritis is to become knowledgeable about the condition. There are a number of good resources available for people that are suffering from arthritis, and you will be able to learn some exercise, pain management and nutrition tips. If you devote even a small amount of time to learning more about your condition, you will learn new ways to manage the pain and other symptoms of arthritis. In addition, you can try natural supplement Bacopa Monnieri, is well known for its formula of relief from joint pains. It extremely applicable for arthritis and other ailments that result in joint aches.

Being able to relax and avoid stress is key to properly managing arthritis. The body produces chemicals that can induce inflammation and arthritis pain during times of stress. Consider practicing new time management techniques or adding a light exercise routine to your daily routine to reduce the effects of stress.

Try using a cane to support yourself. There are people who have arthritis but avoid using a cane; they think it is a sign of weakness. If a cane lessens the pain, then you are not as disabled as you think without a cane. Find a cane that is comfortable and that fits your style.

Having a strong core and well-built abs can help alleviate joint pain. A stronger core means better posture and less joint pain. Avoid overexerting yourself so that you do not cause injury to your body.

Make sure you sleep in a good bed. A proper bed is necessary for those with arthritis, so sufferers should visit their doctors to learn which one is best for them. Every person is different, so an expert opinion can help you find the best bed to deal with your unique condition.

Improve your knowledge on arthritis so that you can develop a good strategy to fight it. This information provides you a starting point where you can consider various treatments in order to eliminate the pain of this condition.

Spring time skin care changes to make in the new season

Now that the cold weather is finally leaving us, it’s time to think about protecting your skin from the heat and humidity. Here are some tips that will help prepare your skin for the warmer weather.

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With the colder months, skin is subject to snow, rain and environmental toxins that can cause dead skin cells to build up. This is precisely why exfoliating is so important. You are scrubbing away the dead skin to make your skin fresh and hydrated. Aim to exfoliate around three times a week and follow it up by using a moisturising mask for maximum effects.

Sun cream

The warmer weather means more sun exposure and more chances of sun damage to your skin. Sun cream should always be applied generously and reapplied throughout the day to help protect your skin. Burnt red skin is not pretty, so be sensible and use sun cream to ensure you don’t suffer from any of the more serious long-term effects.

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Lighter products

When the weather allows you to drop those extra layers, you should do the same with your skincare regime. Look for light lotions instead of heavy creams, which will feel too heavy in the humidity. Products such as Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care, which can be found at, are ideal for protecting your skin and correcting imperfections.

Eye creams

When the sun comes out, more people are susceptible to squinting, which means that lines and wrinkles may form around the eyes more so than in any other season. Look for a good eye cream; those with a high level of antioxidants and peptides are particularly good as they protect and repair the skin to help combat those wrinkles.

Refresh your collection

You may already have several separate products that you will need to use in the warmer months, but buying products that combine the effects makes for a much simpler and quicker routine. Look for products that will give you even coverage and protect your skin at the same time, such as a good BB cream. These help to rejuvenate your skin and often containing a tint to give your skin a healthy glow. It’s worth doing your research and buying a cream that does it all. It may cost more, but it will be well worth the investment.

Why is iron so important for pregnant women?

Everyone needs iron to keep healthy, but it is even more important for pregnant women because there are extra demands placed on the body during pregnancy. More iron is needed particularly after the first trimester to ensure that your baby develops healthily and goes to full term.

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Why extra iron is needed in pregnancy

Iron is needed to make haemoglobin in the blood to carry oxygen around the body. In pregnancy, the amount of blood in your system is increased so you have nearly half as much again. This means that more iron is needed to make more haemoglobin. The baby also needs iron for its development, and the growth of a healthy placenta. Many women who become pregnant do not have sufficient stores of iron to begin with, so they need extra iron in the form of supplements.

The World Health Organisation recommends that pregnant women should have daily iron and folic acid supplementation to prevent them from becoming anaemic, having puerperal infections, producing a low birth weight baby or a preterm birth. This can be taken in tablet form or as a liquid iron supplement.

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Pregnant women need 27 milligrams of iron a day, compared to the 18 milligrams needed by women who are not pregnant. This does not have to be a specific amount each day; it can be averaged over a few days or a week.

Sources of iron

A varied and balanced diet should contain enough iron for most people, but supplements can be needed during pregnancy. Some of the best sources of iron are red meat, seafood and poultry. Although liver contains a lot of iron it is best avoided during pregnancy because it also contains high levels of Vitamin A. Iron can also be found in vegetables, legumes and grains. Some animal protein added to a meal helps with the absorption of iron from other foods and Vitamin C, in the form of orange juice or broccoli, can also help with the absorption of iron from foods such as beans. Iron supplements are available from companies such as

Iron supplements are most easily absorbed when the stomach is empty so they should not be taken with meals. They should not be taken with tea, coffee or milk either because this can also inhibit absorption.