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Three Ways to Support Your Loved One in Memory Care

Moving a loved one to a memory care facility can be an emotional and challenging experience for any family. Often times when the need arises for a memory care facility there are a lot of worries and stressors that can affect the individual who is suffering from memory loss as well as the loved ones and caregivers for the individual. Here are three ways you can support your loved one in memory care. Continue reading

Preventing Senior Falls at Home

Research reveals that falls are among the leading causes of death for seniors above the age of 65. Falls at home can cause broken bones, hip fractures and head injuries. Falls without significant injuries can also cause seniors to become depressed, fearful, or make it hard for them to remain active. If you have an aging grandparent or parent, it would be nice to help them avoid falls at home. You can achieve that by reducing the risks of falling by taking precautionary measures.


One way of preventing falls for seniors at home is to understand the factors that can lead to a fall. For instance, seniors lose their balance and gait as they age. They lose some coordination, balance and flexibility over the years. The other factor is the vision. Less light reaches the retina of an aging eye, which makes obstacles and contrasting edges harder to see. An eye check-up can also help. Some prescriptions can also cause dehydration and dizziness. That is why it would be nice to hire Washington dc home health care for your aging parent or grandparent. The services will assist with pain management and coping with chronic conditions that make it harder for seniors to maintain balance.

Grab Bars

You can reduce the risk of falls at home for seniors by installing handrails and grab bars. The devices are useful safety devices that help seniors as they go up or down the stairs. You can also install handrails and grab bars in the bathroom, to help them as they step out and in the bathtub. It is also essential to have a caregiver at home to help around. It would be equally essential to increase lighting in the house and install non-slippery flooring.

For seniors, preventing falls means preventing injuries. Therefore, these guidelines can help you to avoid injuries for a loved one. Consult with a home care service provider to check on the health of the senior.

Which are the best heritage attractions in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a vibrant city with much to offer. This makes it difficult to decide what to plan for your visit to the city, as there is so much on offer. To get the most out of your visit, here is a list of the best heritage sites to visit while staying here.

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Aston Hall

Aston Hall will give you a unique snapshot of Birmingham’s history. Step into the past and discover the many things that took place in this building, from royal visits to sieges during the civil war. The house was built between 1618 and 1635 and has been restored to its Jacobean glory so that visitors of all ages can enjoy rooms such as the great hall. This grade one listed building is a must for visitors to the city staying in Birmingham serviced apartments.

The Jewellery Quarter

This area of Birmingham has been in business for over 250 years and is still in use by over 400 businesses. Whether you are a shopping enthusiast or a historian, there is so much to explore here. Explore the Georgian and Victorian architecture, dine out in one of the many restaurants, and choose from over 150 jewellers for a unique piece of Birmingham to take home with you. Visit the Newman Brothers factory, famous for making coffin fittings for royalty and politicians, where Victorian industry has been brought back to life.

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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

This museum is the cultural heart of the city, with collections that are internationally significant. It houses the largest collection of pre-Raphaelite art in the world and has an amazing Industrial Gallery that details the history of industry in the city. Industrial Birmingham was an incredible place with many items being manufactured, mostly from hand or with very early versions of the machines we have nowadays. Injection Moulding like that provided by is an example of modern manufacturing processes that came out of the industrial era. There are items on display that demonstrate 200 years of craft in Birmingham, so this is a ‘must-see’ for all art lovers.

Churches and cathedrals

When staying in the Birmingham city centre, why not take a look at the three cathedrals in the city: the Anglican St Philip, the Catholic St Chad, and the Greek Orthodox dedicated to Theotokos and St Andreas.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses

This is a 15-acre site that will inspire all gardeners who visit. The gardens were designed by JC Loudon and were opened to subscribers in 1832. There is a lot of information available on offer in this peaceful setting.

The Only Way to do Great Work is to Love what you do – and where you are!

Steve Jobs famous quote – ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’ – is certainly true – but also, what about loving where you are? People spend a lot of time in the office, why not pay a bit more attention to the place you are in for most of the day, and with a few changes here and there, make it a place that nobody will want to leave at night! The Google offices in Zurich are a great example of that – there are sports rooms, a bubble bath where employees can relax, they can get a massage, a movie room and a jungle room – you could never get bored at work there! But you don’t have to go to that extreme to make an office a more enjoyable environment. One of the simplest things you can do is to ensure that your environment is a comfortbale tempartea nd a quick call to a Cheltenham Boiler Installation company such as will see you set up with a newer system in no time.

How about trying out feng shui? It’s been working for the Chinese for thousands of years – you can go for it in a big way – think soft flowing lines for good chi! Or you could have a move around and see what works – get everyone involved – feng shui is about balancing the elements – fire, water, metal, wood and earth – so if you have a lot of wooden desks and metal filing cabinets, introduce a plant to represent the earth, or how about some new lighting for the fire? Be creative and have a think about it.

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Think about colour in the office. What sort of mood are you trying to create? Have a look at this colour guide for some ideas on the effects of colours in the office environment. Different colours can create different moods and you may not want to go with a whole wall of a bold colour, but maybe try coloured blinds, waste paper bins, files for example to pick out a colour you would like to introduce.

Think about bringing people together – get everyone to have input if possible – it will bring everyone together and gets new ideas flowing. Everyone will be part of a team and all be able to enjoy the office that they work in if they are able to put their own personal ideas in. Maybe you will soon have a movie room in your office like Google do!

Patterned flooring ideas for your house or outbuilding

Are you looking to redecorate a room, do up your outbuilding or simply update it by laying a new floor? Whether you are looking at wood, tiles or carpet, there are some exciting and colourful patterns available to ensure you get the wow factor.  The bonus with wood is any left over flooring you have can be made into all kinds of furniture, bird houses or little units for your shed.  You could also get some garage shelving from sites like garage shelving to finish it off and your garage will look like an annex.

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Classic parquet design

Parquet does not have to be in a block or herringbone pattern; instead, if you are feeling bold and want to give your room a modern look, you can go for a more intricate design that will complement a minimalist, Scandinavian look. You can stick to more traditional timber stains such as cherry, walnut and oak or go for giant coloured parquet, which looks really funky.

Stripy carpet

Stripes are still big in the design stakes and can create an amazing look on a staircase or in a living or dining room. Putting stripes up a stairway adds height, while they will add length or width on a floor.

Geometric tiles

While the thought of carpet tiles might conjure up those thin, scratchy ones you had at school, think again – things have moved on since then. Carpet tiles may not be an obvious choice but you can now find them in funky geometric patterns that create a striking effect in any room. Make sure the pattern is not too dizzying on the eye. You might want to consider an online flooring company to get some ideas, samples or advice.

Patterned floor tiles

These come in a variety of materials, including vinyl and traditional stone. They can be cleverly used to add lots of interest with a decorative pattern that can be accented in your curtains or blinds. Many homeowners are copying their Victorian ancestors and adding bold floral or geometric designs, which look very effective. According to the BBC, the best flooring for areas with heavy foot traffic is encaustic tiles.

Zigzags or checks

Probably more suited to a bathroom, classic black and white checks still look amazing; however, if you are feeling brave, why not go for a zigzag to add interest?

Mosaic vinyl

Make like the Romans and have a beautiful mosaic. You could pretty much have any design you want, from something opulent for a hallway or entrance to a simple block pattern in a bathroom or cloakroom.

The benefits of marrying in a Country House

There are so many places to choose from when you are planning a wedding. You’ll find your brain whirling with images of manor houses, luxury hotels, rustic barns, castles and other outstanding choices as well! Finding the perfect spot is a tough task. You should consider whether it is right for you, as well as the budget, the availability and accessibility to your guests. However, in the UK, the most sought after and romantic places tend to be a country house. Away from the noise and rush of the city or town, surrounded by lush green landscape and fresh air. Here are a few of the many benefits of choosing a country house for your big day: Continue reading

Maximising space in a child’s bedroom

Children tend to be given the smallest room in the house for a bedroom and yet, quite often, have the most stuff! Children usually have a pile of kit and they need space to perform a number of tasks, as well, from playing or doing homework, to a location for sleepovers! Moreover, as the children’s room is the only place in the house that kids can call their own, it is important that their personality is reflected in the decor. Here are some space-saving ideas to help you keep on top of things: Continue reading