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eyelash extensions

10 Things you need to know about eyelash extensions before an application

The long and abundant eyelashes have become a trend more than makeup lovers love. Unfortunately, with the passage of time and due to the constant use of mascara or curling iron, the lashes begin to fall, which is why they resort to eyelash extensions or inserts, but we must be careful when applying them. Continue reading

handle your anger

6 Amazing tips to learn how to handle your anger

Handle your anger it’s really possible!! Let’s go to read this article. Anger is a natural emotion that releases defensive energy. It is part of the basic emotions like fear, sadness or joy. For the baby who is not happy to be put back in bed while he wants to stay in the arms, for the three-year-old who refuses frustrations … anger is a normal reaction. And legitimate, since it is the only mode of communication available to the young child. Continue reading

Contact lenses and eye infections

Those who usually wears contact lenses suffer from eye infections, but because it happens? An American study has recognized a possible cause.

Wearing contact lenses is a habit for some 65% of women and 35% of men, but tradition does not rhyme with good behavior, so are many who complain of eye conditions and eye infections. Why?

A study at New York University by a group of researchers from the Langone Medical Center analyzed the bacteria present on the eye than twenty people, of these nine daily use contact lenses and eleven do not. Continue reading

FDA in favor of the drug that stimulates female sexual desire

The Federal Drug Administration approved the flibanserin, a drug to stimulate sexual desire in women.

The US Federal agency committee that oversees food and drug safety (FDA) has come out in favor of flibanserin with 18 votes in favor and 9 against. It is an important decision because it contrasts with the previous two votes, both to the detriment of the medicine, and represents the recognition of the right of good female sexuality, a theme that, in America, have fought and are fighting numerous associations for woman rights. Continue reading

Combat anxiety with the active life

Anxiety is a frequent disorder in today’s society, yet not always the cause is psychological: the vital energy could be hampered by a sedentary lifestyle.

Diabetes, obesity, overweight. So far, these were the pathologies considered a direct consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, and these now adds another disorder: anxiety.

Because a sedentary lifestyle causes anxiety? Researchers from the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research at Deakin University, Australia, led by Megan Teychenne conducted nine studies to verify how and how much a little or no physical activity able to affect the health of the mind over the body. It was found that spending all his free time watching TV, playing video games and eating snacks staying on the couch are deleterious behaviors for body and mind. The reason may lie in excessive stimulation of the nervous system, committed too many hours in front of a screen, the important causes difficulty sleeping well, generating thus a state of restlessness and anxiety. Continue reading

Lyme Disease: What is the syndrome that hit Avril Lavigne?

To have Lyme disease, an infection from a tick bite the Canadian star Avril Lavigne has publicly stated that it can cause very serious problems.

It is widespread, in the world there are frequent cases, such as in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Canada. We speak of Lyme disease; an infection caused by a tick bite in 2013 hit the singer Avril Lavigne, now halfway through its course of treatment after a troubled period of diagnosis. Continue reading

Pampering for the welfare of the baby: The neonatal massage

After delivery, the baby leaves the womb, a welcoming and reassuring environment that protected him for nine months. In an instant you must activate the senses to deal with the outside world and quickly get used to the everyday; all this can create a bit ‘of nervousness in the child. So, it becomes important to attend a post-natal infant massage to accompany the baby in its growth path, facing the most of its small physical ailments.

What is the neonatal massage?

It is a moment in which the parent and the child creates a deep emotional bond, which passes through the visual and physical contact. The protagonist may be the mother but also the father, to make sure that both is able to establish a deep emotional bond with the child. Continue reading

Early diagnosis of autism: Possible target

Children with high likelihood of behavioral autistic disorders since the early months of life are crying and move differently than children who are not exposed to this risk.

This is what reveal the first results of a study coordinated by the Institute of Health

The researchers monitored 100 infants – 50 deemed at risk because with a brother or sister with autism, and not at risk newborns – on the basis of three parameters: crying, spontaneous movement and response to external stimuli. Continue reading

Osteoporosis: stop the summer fractures

The World Health Organization (WHO) includes the osteoporosis among riskier illnesses for the health of millions of people, so much so that believes that a massive campaign of global information to prevent this disease that attacks the bones gradually and quietly.

the bones begin to suffer a loss of density from 25-30 years and manifest bone fragility Mature Adult: menopause for women and from 60 years for men. To prevent osteoporosis is necessary to strengthen the bone structure with the sport, calcium-rich diet and exposure (protected) in the sun that facilitates the accumulation of vitamin D, but not only. Continue reading

Medicines and hot: Keep them well to avoid sudden illnesses

After seeing what the drugs to put in the holiday suitcase, we speak today of the necessary precautions to keep the correctly medicines.

The drugs are used to treat a disorder, a disease or to intervene in situations of sudden illness, but some conditions can alter the composition to make them ineffective or, in some cases, toxic.

How to store medicines? the general guideline is to keep medicines in a cool place with the same or below 25 ° C. Keep kids and pets is a habit as widespread as wrong because moisture could compromise the integrity of some medicines up to make them ineffective. Continue reading