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10 medicinal plants useful to prepare at home some great herbal teas

There are many medicinal plants available those are herbal medicines regard as the natural remedies useful for the treatment of different ailments, from colds to stomach pain, insomnia to anxiety states.

We can learn to know them and recognize them for use at the time of need when we want to prepare herbal teas beneficial to health.

A number of medicinal plants to be used for preparing the healthful infusions may vary depending on the health problem to be treated. Move in the same way also, the amount of tea to be taken.

herbal teasWe invite you to ask for more information about your herbalist trust, if you are not yourself the subject matter experts. Here are some of the main medicinal plants in herbal medicine are used to prepare herbal teas (infusions or decoctions). Certain herbal teas may be contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation: in these cases to consult your doctor to get the advice most suitable for you.

1) Melissa

The lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a plant with excellent calming and sedative properties. In herbal medicine it is used especially for the preparation of infusions, in particular in the form of infusion or decoction. If you do not have the opportunity to collect fresh lemon balm, you can buy the dried lemon balm in herbal medicine. Melissa grows easily in the garden and in the garden and is very easy to grow.

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2) Echinacea

The echinacea is considered a medicinal plant very useful to prevent and fight the flu, colds and the typical ailments of winter. In particular, science emphasizes its ability to strengthen the immune system. The echinacea herbal teas are very useful to prepare for the cold season and even when cold symptoms are already present, can be a valuable help.

3) Rosehip

To prepare a tea rose hip berries are used to this plant, after being allowed to dry. The rosehips are a source of vitamin C, which helps boost our immune system and to improve its functioning but is also beneficial for the skin. The rosehips are harvested during the winter but can be found all year round in dried version in herbal medicine.

4) Kratom

The Kratom tea very popular for its medicinal purposes and is native to Southeast Asia. It helps to boost immune system even reduce the worsening state of a certain illness or disease. Also, boost energy and improve circulation, increases the oxygen through all parts of the body. Moreover, the alkaloids and nutrients contained in Kratom are responsible for relieving pain.

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5) Chamomile

The infusion of chamomile is perhaps the most famous among the tea easy to prepare at home. Drink an herbal tea with chamomile may be useful to help sleep and to calm an upset stomach. Chamomile has calming and relaxing. But beware: when the infusion time is longer too, in some people it could trigger the opposite effect and bid farewell to tranquility. To prepare an herbal tea with chamomile enough in fact 4 or 5-minute infusion. Ask for more information from your herbalist trust.

6) Ginger

Ginger is a herb native of the Far East. It is part of the same family of cardamom. The ginger tea is usually prepared in the form of decoction from the fresh root of this plant. In particular, ginger tea is recommended for colds, coughs, sore throats and flu, but also as an aid to digestion and relieve nausea.

7) Mint

With mint leaves can prepare a refreshing brew to be consumed preferably warm or cold to which you can add a few drops of lemon juice, which will give a touch of extra flavor. The mint infused, as well as a beverage, it is suitable as a natural mouthwash to freshen breath. Just let it cool before using it to rinse your mouth.

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8) Salvia

The sage is a medicinal plant is easy to grow in pots or in the garden. With fresh sage leaves, it is preparing a decoction, while the dry leaves are suitable for infusions. The herbal tea with sage is mainly used to exploit its digestive properties. Moreover, the sage is shown in menopause to combat hot flashes.

9) Lavender

The lavender has relaxing properties that come to our aid in case of anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. Precisely for this reason, the washing is often used in aromatherapy in the form of essential oil. The fresh or dried lavender flowers instead are added to the relaxing herbal teas in combination with other plants with the same effect, such as chamomile, lemon balm, mallow, and passionflower.

10) Passiflora

The flowers and fruits of the passionflower are fantastic. Maybe you do not know that the passionflower is preparing natural remedies in the form of herbal teas considered very useful in case of anxiety and sleeplessness. Drink an herbal tea to passionflower before bedtime soothes, relaxes and facilitates sleep. Passionflower is often combined with other plants relaxing effect in the preparation of infusions.

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