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Teeth whitening with activated charcoal

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal in household

If you want to whiten your teeth with an activated charcoal remedy, you need to prepare your teeth. In the best case, use a professional cleaning and check the teeth of the dentist for damage. The fact is that the presence of chips and scratches can turn to bleach into a very destructive procedure that instead of making teeth cleaner, will increase their sensitivity and will further destroy the top layer, which means that the risk of caries and other serious problems will increase.

We offer you to get acquainted with the three most popular methods of teeth whitening with activated charcoal …

  • Adding activated charcoal to the toothpaste. There are two options. The first – you can break 8 – 10 tablets to get a homogeneous powder, then fill it with a tube with paste. Get a separate tube for this, so that you have both regular and charcoal paste. This method is rather complicated – to fill the powder in a narrow hole, that’s still the task. It is possible to do easier, using the second way – to break up one tablet and mix the coal with the paste on the brush before brushing your teeth. Keep reading http://www.racingdentist.com/whiten-teeth-charcoal-naturally-incredible-health/
  • Use of pure activated charcoal powder. Here you will not need any additives, grind the tablet, apply the powder to the brush and gently brush your teeth like a regular paste. Remember that the substance is an abrasive, particles can scratch the enamel, so do not clean it too much. After the procedure, rinse the mouth thoroughly.
  • Masticating activated charcoal tablets. This method is similar to that used by people before the appearance of toothbrushes. There is nothing tricky here. Just properly cut the pill, trying to drive it so that the coal hit all the teeth. The procedure you will take about 4 – 5 minutes. In the end, rinse your mouth thoroughly. This is a good way when you brush your teeth at home.

After any of the procedures, black particles may remain between the teeth, if the rinse has not cleared them completely, brush your teeth with a damp brush without all or with the usual toothpaste. You should check charcoal toothpaste benefits http://www.racingdentist.com here.

What to do to keep the result for a long time?

If you decide to whiten your teeth, you should understand that for a good result, there is not enough direct cleaning. Care should become more thorough, otherwise, the yellow raid will quickly return and all the efforts spent will be lost.

In addition, it is desirable to avoid eating foods that contain a large number of colorants. Therefore, you will have to exclude from the diet for a while black tea, coffee, wine, colored lemonades, beets and so on. It is not recommended to use lemons and other acidic products, since whitening, in any case, weakens the enamel, making it more sensitive, do not do it more harm.

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Anxiety, depression and self-abandonment

Do you have anxiety or depression? Find out the root cause of these painful feelings and what you can do about it. Most current feelings of anxiety and depression – apart from anxiety and depression that have physical or chemical causes – are caused by some form of self-neglect. Anxiety and depression are the way of your inner guidance to let you know that you are abandoning yourself. Most people want to believe that their anxiety or depression is being caused by the past, other people or events, but these are not the cause of the most current anxiety and depression. Continue reading

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facial hair

How to remove facial hair

Who wants to keep those annoying facial hair? Before removing them you have to make sure how that will impact in your body. Facial hair grows in different parts of our body. To remove them it depends on which part of the face the hair is on, there are several methods that can be used. Continue reading

Can Your Teeth Cause Health Problems?

Oral health should never be a second thought, especially for folks who are already extremely health-conscious. When your teeth start to suffer, it’s not just your mouth that ends up dealing with bacteria and other unhealthy elements. People who don’t brush and floss regularly or keep up with dental visits are more likely to deal with more serious health issues like diabetes if they let things get too out of hand. Fortunately, it’s not to difficult to keep up with oral hygiene. If you visit Dr. Russo dental care near Durham at least every few months, you’ll be giving your dentist a chance to clue you in to some serious health issues before they spiral out of control. The mouth body connection is no joke, and if you care about your overall health, here are a few things to be aware of if you’re dealing with oral health issues.


For more mature adults who are suffering from memory loss and the early signs of brain disease, it’s common for smaller habits and routines to start falling by the wayside. Adults who are slowly losing their cognitive function could stop paying attention to daily hygienic habits like brushing teeth, flossing, and wearing deodorant. This isn’t just unpleasant, it can be downright unhealthy, especially if someone is dealing with dementia and isn’t receiving the right care. The signs of memory loss and impaired brain function can be varied, but if an older adult in your life is complaining of inflammation and tooth pain, it could be a sign that they need a bit more help sticking to their normal, healthy routines.

Heart Disease

What happens to your gums can have a big impact on your heart health. Even if you’ve taken pains to keep your heart healthy by lowering your cholesterol and amping up your cardio workouts, if you’re not looking after your oral health, it could still end up compromising your cardiovascular health. If your gums are overrun with bacteria or you’re dealing with the early stages of periodontal disease, the problems don’t end there. Your gums could allow this bacteria to filter into your bloodstream, causing your arteries to be exposed to plaque buildup. Even though this process can take a while to become truly dangerous, you never want to put yourself at risk in this way, especially with something that can so easily be prevented. To keep your heart and lungs healthy, always make sure to floss, brush, and stick to regular dental appointments.

Pregnancy Issues

For women who are newly pregnant, oral care can play a huge role in the overall health of the pregnancy. Since pregnant women’s bodies are constantly filtering nutrients to their gestating babies, it’s important to keep everything in great shape, including teeth and gums. Even a routine gum infection could lead to dangerous conditions for birth or could increase the risk of a birth defect. Every pregnancy is different, and every woman deals with a different set of risks that have to do with her genetic background and family history of disease. Still, if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, keeping up with basic oral care is an absolute must, especially if you want to make sure both you and your child stay as healthy as possible.


An unwatched mouth, in some circumstances, can pave the way for something more serious, such as mouth or tongue cancer. For individuals who are or once were smokers, the risk of cancer is much higher, but even an average gum infection could end up spiraling into a serious health problem that could have easily been avoided. Keeping up with dental appointments isn’t just a good way to keep your mouth healthy, it can actually help you spot the signs of cancer or disease more quickly and be able to fight it more effectively. If you have a family history of cancer, it’s important that you don’t slack off on visits to the dentist and that you keep tabs on your oral health no matter what.

Fertility Problems

While bad oral hygiene can adversely affect a pregnancy that’s already underway, it can also create a hostile situation for women who are trying to get pregnant. Studies have shown that gum disease can make it difficult for women to carry a pregnancy to term, making it more difficult for such patients to get pregnant in the first place. The best way to fight infertility is to practice good health habits overall, with special attention to oral and gum hygiene.

How To Get Children Excited About Oral Health

It’s easy to get your kids excited about a whole bunch of things. Brushing their teeth isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of fights and dysfunction among parents and children as it’s becoming much tougher to get kids to just simply brush their teeth.

So what is it about oral hygiene that children seem to dislike? For starters, it may be due to the fact that parents are so adamant that they practice good oral health habits. Too many parents turn tooth brushing into a chore, something that lacks any sort of fun or imagination.

Young children in particular are more likely to show an interest in participating with just about anything if it’s turned into a game or some kind of adventure. Older kids are addicted to their video games and anything that takes them away from those is something that they are ready to put off until later. Much later.

So how can parents make their kids more interested in practicing excellent oral health? Simple. Make it fun. Turning toothbrush time into something exciting and positive and not a nagging chore is priority one for ensuring that your children aren’t just happy to brush their teeth but eager to do so on a routine basis.

Brush and Floss

Kids learn their habits and behaviors from their parents. It may not seem that way, but it’s true. Which is why it’s absolutely critical to get your children on the path to proper oral hygiene from a very early age.

That means teaching them how to brush and floss as early as two years of age. Show them how to apply a small amount of toothpaste on the brush and be sure you explain to them not to swallow it when they brush but spit it out instead. Don’t forget to show them how to floss either as that can be a difficult thing to grasp for younger kids.

As your kids get a bit older, make brushing and flossing a family affair. When you and your kids do these things together and demonstrate your techniques to them so they may imitate what you’re doing. This includes brushing your teeth, your tongue, and flossing in between to clear away all the bad plaque and tartar.

You can even create songs and competitions between you and your kids to see who can be the most effective at brushing and flossing each time you do them both as a group.

Dental Visits

Another important aspect of good oral health in children is keeping up with those dental visits. But getting your kids to want to sit in the dentist’s chair can be a real challenge. The solution is to find a dentist that caters to the needs of children by making them feel safe and comfortable when they come to visit for any reason.

In most cases, a child will need to see a dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup. Neither of these should hold any mystery or concern for a child of any age, yet many can feel some level of anxiety. Finding a kind, gentle dentist who takes the time to explain everything before it happens can put a child at ease.

The dentists at Midlothian Family Dentistry understand that kids can be apprehensive about wanting to visit a dentist’s office and we cater to their concerns, ready to answer any questions they may have and acknowledge any fears they may have before and during the appointment.

A good way to make your child feel comfortable enough to visit the dentist on a regular basis is to introduce the child to dental appointments from an early age. Most children are ready for their first dental visit by the time they are a year old. If you make going to the dentist no big deal from the start, that can get children more excited to learn how they may care for their teeth and gums.

Having a good relationship with a friendly dentist will also inspire them to brush and floss more often, so they may show off their skills and dedication the next time there’s a dental appointment on the calendar.

Instilling good dental hygiene practices during a child’s formative years will make him or her more likely to adopt and maintain those teeth-healthy routines through adolescence, into their teenage years, and well into adulthood. It’s up to parents to take this as seriously as their children in order to ward off tooth decay, gum disease, and other potential dangers related to poor oral health.

Mediterranean diet

What are the cardiovascular benefits of the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is one of the nutritional plans with the largest number of followers in the world. As you can guess, the term refers to the culinary habits and practices of the Mediterranean countries.

It has become a favorite after several studies showed that this diet can prevent degenerative diseases. Among those that can be prevented with greater success are those related to cardiovascular problems. Continue reading

summer activities

How to protect ears from summer activities?

Summers are for fun and rest, but hardly the spaces we visit or the events we attend will be silent. And it is that summer activities rumble at full volume.

The concerts, the bars, the discotheques and certain amusement parks will be the environments where the loud sounds will be noticed. We expose ourselves to unhealthy volumes and other forms of noise pollution that can affect our hearing health.

However, the problem lies not only in the noise, or in the volume of it, but also in the bathrooms (on the beach, in the pool or in any other aquatic environment). This is due to the fact that submerging ourselves in the water, without proper care or protection, can lead to infections such as otitis. Continue reading

green apple diet

Green apple diet: an option to detoxify

Green apple diet is one of the “detox” plans that has gained popularity for its ability to detoxify the body and reduce weight. Although it is not a model of permanent nutrition, it is an alternative to reduce toxins in a short time.

It consists of light and low-calorie menus that combine ingredients that are easy to digest. In addition, with the green apple as its protagonist, it is a program that combats disorders such as constipation, high cholesterol, and overweight.

However, it should be done only three or five days, because it does not provide all the nutrients necessary for the body. That is, after this time, the person must resume a full and balanced diet to continue with a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Games for children

5 Games for children without using technology

Games for children are often inherited from generation to generation. In some parts, they may change the name or the rules, but they are the same and, currently, they are still valid.

There are different traditional games that are easy to learn. There is no need to spend a large amount of money or play them on specific sites. In addition, they develop in the child the ability to reason, logic, balance and put their senses to the limit. Continue reading

activated charcoal for blackheads Benefits and recipes

Gelatin and activated charcoal for blackheads: Benefits and recipes

Any girl dreams of a beautiful even skin without rashes. However, not everyone can boast of such a thing. The most common problem is black points. They do not deliver any discomfort, but they look pretty non-aesthetic. That’s why everyone wants to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Many people turn to a beauty salon for help. Indeed, such procedures are very effective in dealing with blackheads, that’s just not all of them can afford because of the high cost. In this case, home procedures can help. In particular, best charcoal mask for blackheads is most effective ways to solve the problem.

Use of gelatin for skin

Blackheads are the sebaceous plugs that appear in the pores. As a rule, these rashes disturb people with a combination or fatty skin type. Foci of localization – chin, nose and forehead. In other words, they arise on those parts of the skin where the pores are most expanded.

The use of gelatin from blackheads is not accidental. After applying the skin to the skin with its content, a thin transparent film appears on the skin that cleanses the skin, removing blackheads not only from the surface, but also from the inside. In addition, gelatin saturates even deep layers of the epidermis with nutrients, and also slows down the aging process and smoothers wrinkles. Thanks to this, gelatin masks are used even in adulthood.

Note that the gelatinous agent should be applied only on perfectly clean skin. To do this, it must be steamed, using for this chamomile or nettle broth. After this procedure, it is recommended to perform peeling in order to effectively and gently remove the upper layer of the epithelium. So the skin will become immaculately clean and ready for use gelatin.

Gelatin mask with activated charcoal

This recipe also relieves black rashes and prevents their re-formation. Take a teaspoon of gelatin, half a tablet of activated crushed coal, a teaspoon of water. Stir the ingredients and place on a water bath. Wait until the ingredients are completely dissolved and cool. Put the mask on your face for 20 minutes. When the film solidifies it must be detached from the face, acting as carefully as possible. Keep reading http://www.klmbeauty.com/wonders-activated-carbon/

It is necessary to repeat that gelatin from blackheads should be used only on clean skin. How to prepare it properly for the procedure we have already considered and resulted in several simple recipes. With the correct and regular application of one of these options, the problem of these rashes will be solved.

SARMs: Increase muscle mass with high affinity

SARMs that binds to androgen receptors with high affinity (Ki ~ 1 nm) and selectivity. The drug is included in the class of ligands of androgen receptors, selectively affecting the tissues of the body. This class of drugs is developed to treat muscle wasting associated with cancer, acute and chronic diseases and age-related muscle atrophy. It is expected that the therapeutic effect of SARM is close to the action of testosterone, while the drug has improved safety, tolerability and responsiveness in patients, thanks to the tissue-selective mechanism of action and the oral route of administration. It should be noted that SARMS has a half-life of 24-36 hours and therefore it is easy enough to identify it on doping tests. Continue reading

gastroesophageal reflux

7 habits that cause gastroesophageal reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux is a digestive problem that develops when the stomach acid returns to the esophagus and mouth, causing irritation. Usually occurs after eating too copious dishes, but also appears for certain diseases.

Its main symptom is a burning sensation in the chest, which is usually accompanied by chest pain and swallowing problems. In some people, it occurs sporadically, while others suffer it in a moderate or severe way, several times a week.

Although the consumption of antacids can control it, in general, it is essential to know its causes in order to fight it effectively. Therefore, next, we want to review in detail its symptoms and some habits related to its appearance. Continue reading

baby at home

Guide for first days of the baby at home

A baby at home can bring a little uncertainty to parents. After the delivery, the baby and the mother have all the support and attention of the doctor, the nurses and the relatives during the stay in the clinic. However, when it is time to go home, new parents are filled with concern and many doubts.

The newborn is a helpless being. Therefore, it is essential that as a parent you know how to act in those 28 days, in which the baby is considered as a newborn. It is important to know the changes, the characteristics and the possible alterations that you may have in that period.

The professionals affirm that the best tools to survive the first weeks will be the instinct, the affection and the common sense of the parents. In addition, the adaptation will be the basis so that the first days baby at home do not become a chaos. Continue reading